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The Certified Corporate Professional Leader for Supervisors (CCPL-S) Designation gives you the key to be a great supervisor, and a provides a growth path to become a great manager, mentor and leader.

Prove your knowledge. Further your profession. Earn your Designation.

A promotion, change in team, or new level of responsibility can reveal a gap in the skills you need to provide great management and leadership. The CCPL-S Designation gives you all the skills you need, the confidence to lead, and valuable connections to other Professional Supervisors.

Every business needs a great leader – you know - that certain someone who manages the business but shows others how to lead by example and is that example.  This kind of leader comes in every shape and size with a variety of skills and knowledge that is invaluable to your organization and its people.  How you lead and manage that person influences the success of your business and your ability to move it forward.

The Supervisory Track is focused on a supervisor’s professional development: making the transition to a new Supervisor, understanding roles and responsibilities, planning and prioritizing, developing leadership and communication skills, recognizing how teams work, handling problems and the basics of motivation and delegation.

The CCPL-S program is designed to target core competencies, some of which are listed below. Think Business Training has put together a series of workshops and online classes to help you reach these competencies with confidence.

On-Line Learning (OLL)

We have designed a program for on-line learning that is a standardized curriculum designed from our workshops and is equivalent to 12 days of training.

Once you have completed the program, you apply for your designation exam.

Classroom Workshops

This option allows flexibility in the workshops that you choose to attend.  While you are required to attend two 3-day workshops you can choose from a variety of workshops to complete the additional 6 days based on the skills you need to develop. Workshops are held at our training facility in Halifax NS, and typically run from 9:00 – 4:30.

Blended Learning

We have found that some people like a little of both.  They value the learning that happens in the classroom with a facilitator and other participants, but can’t dedicate the time away from their office to complete their designation.  Blended learning allows for both classroom and OLL.

  • Making the transition to supervisor
  • Responsibilities to management, team, and self
  • Setting priorities and managing time
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Creating an effective workplace environment
  • Delegation
  • Difficult employees and situations
  • What 5 things should be in an orientation program
  • You will gain an understanding of different types of team players and identify your own style
  • Effective Recruitment and Selection
  • Coaching for Performance
  • Understand your style and the style of those around you
  • Giving feedback
  • Accepting feedback
  • Conducting performance reviews

These core competencies can be taken through our workshops or now via our online learning platform. 

The Certified Professional Leader designations signify your commitment to ongoing professional education and training for career growth. Our designations, introduced in 2002 and supported by the ISO 9001 standards, belong to PBBA Atlantic Inc.  All our courses are eligible for Continuing Education Units (CEU).

We have identified 2 courses that will help get you started on earning your designation.  

The Professional Supervisor/Manager (Mandatory 3–Day Workshop or 3 1-Day Workshops)

This workshop develops the key competencies required for supervisors and managers in any organization. It is for individuals currently working in managerial positions who wish to improve their ability to adapt to the change of pace in their responsibilities, and who want to gain fresh insights into the nature of their work role.
Detailed course outline here

Managing Employee Performance (Mandatory 3–Day Workshop or 3 1-Day Workshops)

As a manager, you begin managing an employee’s performance from day one. A good orientation with clear expectations, appropriate training and the coaching that is part of follow-up, the performance conversations, and the more formal performance review; these are all part of managing employee performance.
Detailed course outline here

The remaining 6 days are electives that you choose based on the competencies that you need to develop.

Request the Application for the Certified Professional Leader (CCPL) Designation.

Submit the completed Application with supporting references and documentation as outlined in the Application, and $159.00 Designation Exam fee. Once your application has been approved, you’ll receive your exam by mail, fax or email as requested.

Your Designation Exam, customized to your training history will be sent to you, to be completed within 3 months (open-book). Return your completed exam to Think Business Training for evaluation.

You need to achieve a 75% passing mark on your CCPL Designation Exam to achieve your Designation.

Upon passing, a copy of your graded exam, your accreditation certificate and re-certification guide will be sent to you within 3 weeks.

You can also download a copy of the Recertification Guide here.

The Certified Corporate Professional Leader (CCPL-S) designation is a Canada-wide designation that signifies your commitment to ongoing professional education and training for career growth.