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What You Get:

Rights to Customize

The right to customize allows you to make any changes to the content when-ever, wherever.

Unlimited Reprint Rights

The right to reprint/print as many copies as you like

Unlimited Users

Unlimited users - train as many participants as you like

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There are no annual fees, no subscriptions or hidden costs

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What's Included?

Watch this quick video to get a better understanding of what is included in Think Business Training Customizable Courseware.

Our Sample Includes:

Our sample includes the following. Most courses include these also:

1. The Workbook

The workbook, packed with 10+ hours of classroom time delivery per day. You and your class can decide what to cover, we've added lots!

2. An Instructor's Guide.

This manual helps you prepare of the course, keeps you on track and has suggestions for additional content and exercises.

3. Power Point Slides

Power Points slides many times are only high level with vivid imagery. High level so as not to take away from you, the content, nor the discussions in the class. Our courses are designed to be interactive, facilitated discussion, not lectures.

4. Course Outline

The course outline gets used on the web, in proposals, as a handout to prep learners before the arrive as well as a general discussion piece with training sponsors.

5. Course Handouts

Typically we include 2-3 handouts designed for different parts of the course. Some may only have 1 but others might have 6+. Handouts help a facilitator dig deeper into a specific topic. Case studies, examples of good and bad portrayals of skills add to the learning experience.

6. Homework

21 days of fantastic follow up. Additional content to help make learning stick. Sometimes its just a reminder about a topic we covered in the course, other times it's an idea on how to practice the skill. This is typically sent as an email after the course.

7. Pre Assignment

Pre assignments get your group focus on the topic at hand before they show up. Send it out the day before, get people ready to learn when they show up.

8. Course Evaluations

Feedback to you and your team, as well as an excellent source of feedback to the training sponsors. We make it easy to get feedback for the Trainer, the course content, the facility, and their knowledge enhancement estimate.

9. Course Registrations

Keeping attendance has never been easier. We provide a simple for to keep track of who attended what sessions.

10. Facilitator Checklist

Another great tool to help the novice (or new to you) trainer/facilitator make sure they have everything ready before they begin. This is customizable per course, but a great tool to make sure the event is a success.

11. Video Library List

We provide a list of appropriate videos that we have used in the past. Some are commercially available (purchased form owner) and some are great free resources you can find on YouTube and Vimeo. Either way a picture may say a thousand words, but a great video will make the training stick.

12. Additional Reading List

Some people learn better by reading. If you have keeners in the class that want to earn more, we provide an extensive list of additional reading materials. Books and articles that were used in the creation of the content.

Bonus Course Material

  • Lunch and Learn
  • Various Lengths
  • Industry Customization
  • Ice Breakers
  • MBTI Ready

Lunch and Learn

A lunch and learn version - where doing a quick hit-and-run or Q&A get the learning started. Maybe a pre-game warm up for the full course to be delivered at a later time. Hitting the hot topics get everyone engaged early. You will also get great feedback on where the issues are are and where the interest is.

Various Lengths

Some of our courses are designed for three days, we also may provide a 1 and 2 day version. A two day may include a one day version. Our Train-the-Trainer boot camp and our Social Media boot camps are 5 days long and can be delivered over 5 days over 5 weeks, 5 months, etc. We help you break the days down into manageable and sensible chunks.

Industry Customization

Some our courses have been prepped for various industries such as manufacturing. While the regular manuals are ready for any industry, we have written (and included where applicable) multiple hand out version - we have lots, and more are being produced all the time. You get access to all of them.

Ice Breakers

While ice breakers are not always included in the guides - we have a ton for you to use. The point of an ice breaker is not necessarily to help make a point covered in the content, but to prepare the participants to think differently, get up and move around, and participate in something different so they will participate in the learning more.

MBTI Ready

Some of our courses have the material designed to work with the Myers Brigs Type Indicator (MBTI). These courses are very powerful in the hands of an MBTI® Certified Practitioner. Our ultimate goal is to have all of our courses MBTI "enabled". So if you need a course MBTI ready please ask your sales rep about it. We can get a course ready for you if you give us enough time to prepare. **Additional fees apply for courses that need customization by our writers.