Using Training Aids

Master trainers get results because they know that learners want to be involved, want to be treated with respect and want to be challenged. 

They don't want to just sit and listen or take notes. They want understanding and practical application. Facilitators and trainers are recognizing the benefits of whole brain learning where both the left and right side of the brain is stimulated and actively engaged in the learning process.

How to start things off, How to use small groups, How to include role playing without angst, How to use games and simulations, How to use puzzles, How to use instruments and other tools for self-learning, How to define problems and generate solutions, How to build a team, How to use film and video, How to write and use case studies, and How to use "Peer Learning".

This is a day devoted to helping you make things happen in your training activities - how to make the training come alive for your participants.


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