TTT Bootcamp

Behind every successfully delivered course is a large amount of preparation, course design, adult learning principles and a focus on fun and education.

The CCPT - Canadian Certified Professional Training - This designation is designed for those who work in a corporate training environment, either as an employee, a contractor or at a private training firm. This 'bootcamp' develop the key competencies required for professional trainers in any organization. These courses prepare you to be able to deliver on what your audience wants as well as what they need.

Creating and delivering a successful training program from start to finish.

Be the best trainer you can be…walk into a room with confidence and assurance because you know how to help your participants make their training stick, and you have the credentials to give you credibility in the training room.

Network with like-minded trainers and facilitators to share ideas and best practices. Bring some of your own challenges to the table and learn different ways of dealing with them. Find ways to express your stories and incorporate them into your workshops and seminars as a way of making learning stick and creating more fun. Explore the basics of instructional design. Identify objectives and find ways to help participants reach these objectives.


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