Speaking in Public

Whether you have to give a presentation, or just speak up in a discussion or meeting. 

The very act of speaking can strike fear into the hearts of many of us. Learning to overcome your fears, and speak up is what this workshop is all about.

Have some tricks up your sleeve for overcoming an attack of the jitters. Although people's opinions of you evolve over time, your credibility and acceptability in the short term hinge on the impression you make when you stand up to speak. Look cool and professional and in control, even if you are inwardly shaking. Practice in a safe and non-threatening environment. This two-day workshop will give you practical suggestions from a professional speaker on how to improve your speaking skills.

After taking the Speaking in Public course you will know: how to think "on your feet"; how to speak up when you have something to say; how to command authority, attention and control; how to prepare for a successful presentation; how to practice effectively; how to handle nerves, microphones, mistakes; how to handle question period; how to practice speaking up in groups. You will also get the chance to practice making presentations.


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