Marketing for World Domination

This fifty-two half-day (yes 52 – all year long) workshop is designed for those who are in a position of influence and authority to turn opportunities into money - revenue. You and your team, and everyone in the organization, are expected to do their job well, but ultimately the business success comes down to sales. You will learn how to position, execute, learn and test to being wealth to your organization. 

Workshop Outline and Methodology:

Facilitators use a variety of training methods for each workshop, including large group discussions, individual work and reflection, small group discussions and exercises, case studies and simulations for role play. We will be executing as well as learning, as we learn from the execution.  

This will be an interactive workshop with a 40/60 split between concept/theory and practical application of skills discussed. Class size should be kept under 20 in person, whenever possible, so each participant will have the opportunity to gain techniques for the types of situations they deal with or expect to deal with. Phone in participation should be limited to 100 participants. 

We plan to meet every Wednesday at 9am (EST) and be in the classroom until 11am. With Q&A and hands on help for an additional 2h as needed.


We expect a 4x ROI at a minimum and maybe as high as a 100x ROI on your investment in marketing. All of it will be trackable, all of it will be tested. You will learn where to spend, where to put your effort and when to accelerate the lead generation process. You will learn how to close business and make sales. Whether you do it or someone else handles these tasks, you will learn to be a professional, modern day marketing.

This course is designed for owners, managers, senior people, and doers. 


Funnel 1 – Branding

Why branding should cost you 100.00 or less.

  • Brand Identification
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Messaging

Why you need to find your groove:

  • Target Audience
  • Asset creation
  • Medium selection

Why Distribution and attention are the only important parts of branding:

  • Distribution
  • Attention
  • Initial Contact

Funnel 2 - Marketing

Why marketing is not advertising and vice-versa

  • Initial Contact
  • Gather intel
  • Identify symptoms

Why education is marketing

  • Identify decision makers
  • Assess budget (find more?)
  • Agree to meet

Funnel 3 - Sales

  • Agree to meet
  • Deep dive
  • Proposal

Why money is important

  • Real budget
  • Approved and move forward (close the deal)
  • Sign the contract or get a credit card (debit, cash, etc.)

Funnel 4 – Delivery

  • Overdeliver
  • Rinse and repeat


  • Understand your position in the marketplace
  • Understand who your best customers are, and your best product offerings are
  • Understand the difference between bullshit, marketing, and sales
  • Develop techniques for testing everything you do
  • Identify tools and techniques for tracking, monitoring and scoring activities
  • Figure out your four funnels and why branding is for losers

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