Understand other and yourself better.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator can help you understand why you find some people easy to be with, to work, talk or have fun with, whereas with others it tends to be stressful or hard work; how you seem to be in sync with some people and out of step with others; how you quite consistently meet the expectations of some individuals and frequently disappoint others. Perhaps more importantly, it can help you understand yourself.

We can use this information to become a better leader, if we are willing to spend time developing this ability. Leaders are people who can help others do more than they ever thought possible. This two-day advanced workshop will give you both knowledge and skills that you can use immediately in your workplace.

Taking the MBTI course will help you: gain a better understanding of your style of working with others; understand and appreciate individual differences and strengths in employees, colleagues and your own boss; have a road map for developing employee skills; identify challenges you face as a leader and develop possible strategies for dealing with them.


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