Leadership in Action

Managers watch the bottom line, and leaders plan for the future. It also offers a greater payoff. 

Leadership is in everyone - it just needs to be fostered properly. Learn how.

Leadership in Action is a three day workshop that will give you the opportunity to practice new leadership skills while you learn them. We will take an extensive look at the performance triangle, the situational leadership model and self-leadership, building accountability, communication as a leadership skill, giving feedback that makes a difference, building commitment, coaching skills for the leaders and the Coaching Skills Inventory, and engaging the generations in the workplace.

Other Items we will cover include:
The leader's role in creating a team, Developing problem solving skills, Motivating your team, and Learning to delegate.

Leadership is a key factor in the success of an organization, yet leadership isn't a skill that managers and supervisors are born knowing. This three-day workshop is a thorough exploration of leadership skills in action.


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