This session will help make sense of the clothing conundrum so you will feel more confident.

Getting dressed for the workplace can be a challenge - from the "I Have Nothing to Wear" blues to the "What will my boss and clients think of this?" concerns, choosing the right thing to wear is not easy.

  • How to make a positive, and lasting, first impression
  • Understand the levels of dress for business and how to use them
  • Discover the impact of the
  • Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good process
  • Learn to love your body
  • what is your type and how to dress it to feel your best
  • Finally KNOW what colours compliment you and bring added confidence
  • Simple solutions to help your wardrobe budget go further

With critical first impressions formed within seconds of meeting people, understanding how fashion and image presentation play a crucial role in both your confidence and your company's trust is key for business success today. In this one-day workshop, participants will learn the elements of Image Management that lead to confidence and that extra edge that establishes trust and credibility with co-workers, management, and clients.


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