Designing Learner-Based Training

Learn how to develop effective training materials for adults.

While a number of factors play into effective instructional design for a professional workshop setting, understanding the characteristics and the needs of adult learners is critical to the design of training materials that will meet the training objectives identified.

When training is not the answer to an organization's challenges, How to conduct training needs assessments to determine training required, How to know if your training is geared to the needs of adult learners., How to stimulate the whole brain of learners, Putting it all together into learner materials, How to write your training guide, and How to evaluate the final product and make adjustments.

There are several questions that we must ask as we design training materials: Is it training that is required? What is the training to accomplish? What information should be included? How long do you have, or do participants have, to learn what is required of them? What is the best way of helping them learn? What techniques will give you the desired results? All these are questions to be explored and answered over two days of practical training in course design.


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