Computer Projects Comprehensive

Designed to help individuals with project management, which is the art of aligning resources and schedules to accomplish all of the various tasks that comprise a project.

The focus is on comprehensively covering the basics of how to make this tool work for you so that you leave the course with a working plan that you can take to the field and help you manage your projects effectively.

Other Microsoft applications, like Excel or Word, can be used in a very general way. That is, you can use a program like Word to compose and format practically anything that you need to present as written work. In Excel, you can build a worksheet to analyze just about any type of information that is suited to a tabular format.

Project, on the other hand, has a more specific focus. This program is designed as a tracking and planning tool for endeavors that involve sub-tasks, multiple resources, and various scheduling goals and priorities. This does not mean that Project lacks versatility. You can use Project to help plan and organize anything from a software development process, to a major construction job, to the expansion of a company.

  • Leverage Microsoft Project 2010 to plan and manage project schedules and resources
  • Create, modify and organize calendars in order to control the project schedule
  • Track progress, update plans and monitor variances between targets and actuals
  • Assign resources to tasks and troubleshoot conflicts
  • Use dashboards and reports to effectively manage projects

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