Computer Into to DNN Software

 An introduction to the DNN (formerly Dot Net Nuke) website platform.

DNN Content Manager training provides an introduction to the DNN Content Management application and is designed for users who are responsible for the content on their web application. The course is designed to demonstrate how content managers can easily create a website, or webpages, landing pages, squeeze pages, or the like using skins, modules and assets to create and edit content using DNN's easy-to-use user interface. The course content includes, a basic introduction to DNN, page creation, navigation, website design using skins, adding modules, digital asset management and maintenance of your site.

DNN Administrator training provides an in-depth training course on how to install, configure and manage a DNN instance. Our course is designed to demonstrate the installation of DNN onto a Windows-based server, together with the configuration of the Internet Information Services (IIS) webserver and the creation of DNN portals. Further content includes version upgrades, security and user management. We also include the varied and wonderful modules created by Think programmers to turn your website inot a lead magnet. Combined with the Thoink CRM we show you how to manage leads to closed deals, no matter what your products and services are.

 How to change content as a content administrator, configure modfules and market your products using the Think CRM integration with the DNN Content Management System.

You will learn the folowing:

  • Website, project plan, usability
  • Search
  • SEO
  • Paid Search Marketing PPC
  • Google Analytics
  • Social - Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Mobile
  • Affiliate
  • Email

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