Competency Mapping

A group of 2-4 session over 2-4 days to learn Think's Competency Mapping Tool for your business.  

We will be running these throughout the year, so if you missed the last one another one should be starting soon.

Competency mapping is the process of identifying the competencies (technical, behavioral, conceptual, skills, etc.) required to perform a given role. It consists of breaking down a given role into tasks or activities and identifying the competencies necessary to perform the role successfully.

THINK Business Training has developed a complete solution for you to map and track your competencies and apply them to you learning plan and performance management. We show you how to take something as simple as a job description and turn that into a competency map, complete with roles and tasks and map your organization, department, all the way down to the individual employee level.

An introduction to Competency Mapping Tool.


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