Advanced Business Marketing

 We show you how to use both a shotgun approach and a rifle approach to marketing.

Marketing, when working closely with sales, is the first step in warming up suspects and prospects. If done well most of a company’s sales can be simplified so much that a sales person more closely represents a customer service representative than a true business development professional.

Our marketing professionals have helped one company generate over 3000 warm leads per month. A sales team at the business now can spend less time prospecting and more time doing proper needs analysis and closing more sales.



Shotgun Approach

Promotional strategy wherein the promotional campaign is a broad-based one, and promotional materials are distributed to as wide and diverse an audience as possible in the hope of obtaining the greatest possible sales of a product.

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Rifle Approach

Promotional strategy wherein the promotional campaign is directed toward a select target audience, and promotional materials are distributed only within that target audience. In the rifle approach, members of the target audience are selected based on their demonstrated interest in a product and their ability to purchase.

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The 12 Step Approach

We meet once a month for one day at our business office. Every month we have a reading pre-assignment to help prepare you for the course material being covered that day. We usually meet the third Wednesday of every month except in December where we meet the second Wednesday of the month.

Advanced Business Marketing

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