ABCs of Supervisory

This two day workshop is designed for those who are in a position of influence without authority. 

You work with your peers, and you are also expected to lead them. You aren't required to implement corrective actions but are expected to verbally address quality and performance issues.  Your ability to communicate effectively and build relationships is very important. Register today and be prepared to step into a supervisory position when the opportunity comes up.

  • Help clarify roles and responsibilities of the new job
  • Adjust to the new role with confidence and an assurance you can handle the position
  • Develop your communication skills in listening, asking questions and giving feedback to employees.
  • Develop a technique for making sure you give employees instructions that are clear and understood,
  • Identify some techniques to deal with employee challenges such as squabbles, complaints, and laziness
  • Recognize the importance of being visible and available to employees
  • Understand the importance of developing good relationships with employees and peers, so you are seen as fair and consistent.

Define what others expect of you and what you expect of others.


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