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Competency-Based Learning and Performance Management

Competency mapping is the process of identifying the competencies (technical, behavioral, conceptual, skills, etc.) required to perform a given role. It consists of breaking down a given role into tasks or activities and identifying the competencies necessary to perform the role successfully.

Think Business Training has developed a complete solution for you to map and track your competencies and apply them to your learning plan and performance management.

We show you how to take something as simple as a job description and turn that into a competency map, complete with roles and tasks. We take you step-by-step to assist you in mapping your organization, department, all the way down to the individual employee level.  

Competency mapping serves many purposes in a business

  • Clearly defines roles
  • Supports performance objectives 
  • Allows for better succession planning
  • Enables business to implement detailed growth strategies
  • Simplifies restructuring
  • Standardizes role competencies for future planning
  • Identifies gaps and helps target training

What is the intent of competency-based learning?

The intent of this program is to provide you the ability to map and track your business in a way that allows you to invest in your employees’ learning as it relates to their role. Your investment focuses on the employees’ gaps in skills necessary to become an expert in their role which can also be tied to performance and company objectives.  The eventuality is that you can see progress in the individual from training they have taken, assessing an ROI on the training as well as clearly identify role success, which is both motivating and exhilarating for employees.

What next? 

We offer various levels of programs, from a one-day “how-to” basics program for entrepreneurs to international enterprise solutions. 

These programs are run as workshops, either in-house or as a public workshop. 

Standardize and Customize

Our cloud-based competency tool comes with a set of standard competency maps and competencies to get you started. You can use them as they are, customize them or even build your own from scratch – making it easier for you to get started.

What You Need to Get Started

Simply send us a request to get started. Subscribe on our website to request a quote or more information. A customer care professional will contact you and help you through the decision-making process. 

Sign Up For a Free Founders Package

Presently, during the initial launch, you may be eligible for a free unlimited map licenses for your organization.  Free training as well.  We are giving away introductory classes on how to use the Enterprise Competency Mapping Tool.  Some conditions apply. See site for further information.

CompX Advanced AI Performance Management for Business

A Competency HR Management Tool

The CompX system we are working on will use AI and Machine Learning to assist users, managers and administrators have access to the very best of the Best Practices employed by the collective. Want to participate and improve company-wide performance? Then you need to use the tool.

A Training Course

With the tool you will receive an included course called Path to Profit, which explains how to use the tool, how to have better and more frequent meetings that increase performance and not waste time, and increase profitability - no matter how you measure profit*.

* This works for government agencies, not-for-profits and Social Enterprises as well, who might measure their contributions to the world differently.

More Information

Want more information on this exciting application and offer?  Contact Randy for more information on this exciting tool.

Randy Ansems 

Free Competency Mapping Tool 3 Map License