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What Clients Love

Harry  Beckwith has written a couple of excellent guides to marketing services rather than tangible products. His “Selling the Invisible” and “The Invisible Touch” are both worth reading if you are in the service industry and are wondering how to better market those services.  “What Clients Love” reminds us that while competence may get us into the game, it is our relationship with our clients that matters most.

If you are just thinking about starting your own business, this is a “must read” for you, from choosing a name for your company to finding a great receptionist to answer your phones. If you’ve been in business, but would like to make your business even better, turn to the back of the book. The appendix has a series of questions every business owner will want to think about, if they want to truly grow their business.

Beckwith suggests we keep asking ourselves “What would people love?” and follow that up with a second question, “If I were in a competing business, how would I beat ours?” Listen to your customers, yes, but more importantly look at what they are doing. Observing will tell us more about our clients than listening will. 

He also reminds us that in this age of technology we can harm our relationships, if we begin to believe that e-mail can replace face-to-face contact. People need people, even introverts like people, and we like the human touch.  Send more thank you notes, call people more often, and avoid mass anything. Personalize your service.